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  • The home inspector will review the overall condition of the property to help you make the best decision for you and your family. Qualified home inspectors in Alabama should meet many requirements, including successful examination from a home inspector association.
  • The cost of your home inspection will vary depending on the size of the home and where it is located. Some Arizona home inspectors will also have surcharges for extras like a pool or spa. However, most Arizona home inspections will run between $300 and $400 for an average-sized home.
  • California does not require home inspectors to be licensed at this time; however, they are regulated under Section 7195.5 of the California Business and Professions Code.
  • The most important aspect of a Connecticut home inspection is to make sure that you’re providing your family with a healthy place to grow and enjoy. Give yourself peace of mind today by contacting a reputable Connecticut home inspector.
  • An investment in a Florida home inspector could save you thousands of dollars in the future, especially if you are thinking of purchasing a home.
  • A Hawaii home inspection is a good idea when selling or purchasing. Welcome what can be revealed in a Hawaii home inspection.
  • If you are considering buying a home in Illinois it is important to get a home inspection. The Illinois home inspector will help find issues with the home during the inspection.
  • In a state such as Iowa, where home inspections are not regulated by law, it is important to find the right home inspection company. An Iowa home inspection is a great way to initiate a successful transaction.
  • The state of Kentucky requires its home inspectors to be licensed. Find a inspector for your Kentucky home inspection.
  • In Maine, there are currently no licensing requirements in place. Any home inspection that is conducted in Maine also has exclusions that are in placed to protect the safety of the inspector.
  • The Board of Registration of Home Inspectors was formed to establish rules and regulations. Massachusetts home inspectors are trained for home inspection reporting.
  • The state of Minnesota does not currently have any licensing requirements in place for home inspectors. The state does recommend a course be taken for Home Inspector training.
  • Missouri home inspections are not regulated by the state, and home inspectors currently are not legally obligated to be licensed, nor is there a state licensing board.
  • The goal of the Nebraska home inspector is to determine any underlying flaws or issues of the home so that he or she can recommend additional help and investigation.
  • New guidelines have recently been instituted in the state of New Hampshire concerning home inspections. Prior to July 1, 2008, no state regulations were in place nor were New Hampshire home inspectors required to be licensed or regulated in any form.
  • Home inspections can take the entire day or longer depending on the size of the home. New Mexico home inspectors do not check for mold, mildew, or radon.
  • An investment in a North Carolina home inspector could save you thousands of dollars in the future, especially if you are thinking of purchasing a home.
  • The home inspection industry, at this time there are no licensing requirements for becoming home inspectors or conducting home inspections in the state of Ohio.
  • A qualified Oregon home inspector will conduct a thorough home inspection. Home inspectors have the capability and know-how to spot any number of issues during home inspections that you, as the buyer or seller, should be aware of before going through with any action.
  • An investment in a Puerto Rico home inspector could save you thousands of dollars in the future, especially if you are thinking of purchasing a home.
  • The South Carolina home inspection industry provides many different services due to the change in seasons and various terrain.
  • An investment in a Tennessee home inspector could save you thousands of dollars in the future, especially if you are thinking of purchasing a home.
  • Utah does not require home inspectors to be licensed, certified or registered. Check the certifications of the Utah home inspector before hiring them for an inspection.
  • An interior and exterior inspection by a Virginia-certified home inspector should reveal the condition of a home's roof, foundation, fireplace, attic, HVAC system, visible insulation, wiring, plumbing, windows, doors and other structural elements.
  • According to Washington DC's home inspector regulations, any person who applies for license in the state must submit an application on a form prescribed by the Washington DC Department of Commerce and Insurance.
  • Wisconsin home inspector will examine the property and alert you to any major repairs. They will also inform you about properly maintenance that may be required.
  • Prior to 2003 there were no specific license requirements for home inspectors in Alaska. Now Alaskan home owners and home buyers are protected by specific laws about home inspections.
  • The first thing to know about Arkansas home inspectors is that they must receive certification from the AHIB, or Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Board. The AHIB has six requirements for home inspectors, two of which are the application fees and an application for registration. The other four are as follows.
  • There are no state regulations for Colorado home inspections or for a Colorado home inspector. The Real Estate Division of the State of Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies specifically addresses the topic of home inspectors and home inspections.
  • Sound home inspections done by a certified Delaware home inspector will give you peace of mind that the property at hand, whether you are purchasing or selling, is in prime condition.
  • A Georgia home inspection is a pivotal point in the home purchasing process. A Georgia home inspector has the skills necessary to thoroughly evaluate a home.
  • Home inspections are not required by law in Idaho. Having an Idaho home inspection may uncover any possible defaults or safety issues the seller may not know about.
  • An Indiana home inspector has to be a high school graduate, or have obtained a GED; be at least 18 years old; and have a home inspecting license.
  • If you’re looking to purchase a home in Kansas, be aware of the laws regarding home inspections. Currently there is no legislation to govern Kansas home inspections.
  • Louisiana has specific regulations pertaining to the certification of home inspectors. In 1999, the state enacted the “Louisiana Home Inspectors Licensing Act”.
  • Maryland home inspectors can identify damages and problems throughout all areas of the home. Maryland does not have specific laws regarding how and what home inspectors must check during an inspection.
  • Michigan home inspectors must be ready to address issues ranging from surface drainage problems, basement seepage, and foundation and support concerns to the mold and spore problems water can cause.
  • Mississippi Home Inspector Law requires that licensed Mississippi home inspectors complete an additional 20 hours of approved continuing education every two years.
  • A Montana home inspection is an assessment of a house from the roof to its foundation. The Montana home inspector visually evaluates the home’s systems and components, checking for wear and tear, maintenance and safety.
  • Nevada home inspectors are governed by the State Real Estate Division, a division of the Department of Business and Industry. It is the governing board of the state's real estate industry.
  • Regulations surrounding home inspection in New Jersey are very similar to those of other states. The main difference in regulations is that a New Jersey home inspector must obtain a license that reflects their ability to meet specific state requirements. T
  • A New York home inspector is licensed by the New York State Department of State. A licensed home inspector will follow several state regulations only required by New York.
  • If you are considering buying or selling a home in North Dakota, hiring a home inspector would be a wise investment. A North Dakota home inspector could save you thousands of dollars in repairs.
  • A home inspection is an assessment of a house from the roof to its foundation. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Oklahoma, a home inspection by an experienced home inspector is an essential step to safeguarding your investment.
  • Qualified Pennsylvania home inspectors can test the home for mold. They also test the foundation and wood for termites, and the furnace and other areas for radon gas.
  • Certification as a home inspector in the state of Rhode Island is a two-step process. The Rhode Island associate inspector must assist in no less than 50 home inspections and pass a written exam.
  • South Dakota home inspectors provide buyers and sellers with certified home inspections. South Dakota requires a home inspector to be registered or certified before accepting compensation for inspections.
  • Texas home inspectors are required to be licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission. A Texas home inspector must meet stringent educational requirements set forth by TREC.
  • Vermont home inspectors are not required by the state to hold a specific amount of education or license in order to offer home inspection services. It is for this reason that you want to properly do your research before hiring a Vermont home inspector.
  • Washington home inspection standards are explicitly outlined in the Home Inspector Lawbook. Finding a home inspector that is well versed in these standards will make a difference in the quality of the home inspection you receive.
  • When looking for a dependable West Virginia home inspector, ask for referrals from friends who have recently purchased property.
  • In Wyoming you need to know that residential home inspections are voluntary. The benefits of having a certified home inspector conduct a thorough home inspection on the property you are buying or selling is great.

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